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Travel Guide In Quang Ngai

Quang Ngai is located in the center of the area with Quang Nam and Binh Dinh. This place is quite far from Hanoi about 838km. Although the distance is difficult, the place is still bustling and attracting tourists because Quang Ngai has a beautiful natural landscape captivating people and most importantly, transportation is quite convenient.

Quang Ngai is the land with feudal history marks located on the highway 1A, visitors can easily travel and easily access other tourist destinations. Arriving in Quang Ngai, visitors can use the most popular road vehicles as passenger cars. Or if you want to go to Quang Ngai quickly and most comfortably, tourists choose air transport to Chu Lai airport, very convenient and not too tired. As for maritime vehicles, visitors can admire the scenery on the way, which is one of the most favored vehicles because visitors can discuss sightseeing and adventure on the river. In addition, buses are also a popular vehicle for sightseeing and tourism in Quang Ngai.

All vehicles in Quang Ngai are usually quite convenient, good quality and affordable, visitors are not too hard to travel, discover interesting things here. Perhaps because of convenient transportation, it is increasingly contributing to the development of Quang Ngai tourism today.


Train: 4 trains from Hanoi to Quang Ngai are daily: SE2, SE5, SE7, TN1. Fares range from VND 350,000 or more. From Ho Chi Minh City, there are 3 trains to Quang Ngai including SE2, SE8 and TN1. Ticket price is from VND 240,000.

Cars: There are lots of buses from Hanoi to Quang Ngai to park at Nuoc Ngam bus station. Vehicles usually run from 13:00 pm onwards. Some prestigious cars are: Chin Nghia vehicles (14h00), Sao Vang cars (13h15), Quan Trung cars (15h30). From Saigon there are cars: Chin Nghia, Sao Vang, Binh Tam, Minh Tri cars, there is 1 trip every 1 hour.

Aircraft: You can choose a flight to meet at Chu Lai - Quang Nam airport or Da Nang airport and catch a car to Quang Ngai, Airlines such as Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar.

Travel in the province: From Quang Ngai to tourist destinations quite far, so take a taxi, rent a car or motorbike.

Bus: Currently Quang Ngai also has bus routes for tourism: + Line 01: Quang Ngai - Dung Quat Sea + Line 02: Quang Ngai - Sa Huynh + Route 03: Quang Ngai - Sa Ky

Motorcycles: Some motorbike rental addresses. Address: 12 hung Vuong, Quang Ngai City phone: 0918.699.238. Motorbike rental service Le Tran. Phone 1, National Highway 1, La Ha Town, Tu Nghia District, Quang Ngai Province telephone: 0968.126.859.

Taxi: Quang Ngai Taxi: 0255.3.720.720, Mai Linh Taxi: 0255., Taxi Suntaxi: 0255.

Another note when traveling to Quang Ngai

- You should prepare and plan carefully for the trip to Quang Ngai, especially by private vehicles (motorcycles, cars).

- Come to Quang Ngai, if you have time and conditions, you should visit all the sights, sights and sea of ​​Quang Ngai island.

- See weather forecasts before planning a trip to Quang Ngai.

- If you buy specialties, buy things or rent a vacation home, ask for a price before buying. People here are gentle, do not challenge high prices but should still ask first

- In high season often crowded, so you should actively book a hotel room as soon as possible.

- In the evening, you can go to the Indian mountain, you can see Quang Ngai city at night.

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